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The biggest challenge facing many organizations today is how to get more from who already works there and from what they already have. Whether it is more business, more stability, more employee engagement, more profits … it is all about getting more from what you already have. 

A Proven Performance Improvement Framework

FAMRA Framework graphic

Our Proven Improvement Framework


Start first with a reliable, masterful improvement framework, one proven in multiple industries. Then apply it to your own unique situation with our expert guidance. Then sit back and smile as you rapidly get increased results and avoid the pain of unnecessary capital outlays, the waste of “I hope it works” training, or experiments in radical work process changes. Your focused improvement efforts combined with our targeted coaching gives you the results you need to best your competition and seize market opportunities you previously just dreamed about.  

A Versatile Coaching Process


T_GROW coaching model
T-GROW coaching model by Miles Downey

Coaching is the key to making any improvement process work. Often, the best solutions to challenges are found right where they originate – with the people and equipment at work there. They have the needed experience and the ability to actually implement solutions. Paradoxically, getting to these solutions is rarely easy. Often, what is needed is the helpful hand of a good coach to guide individuals and teams past old obstacles towards solutions they themselves articulate.

Coaching is complex. Most people think of a sports coach or a drill sergeant when they think of coaching – this style is called Directive Coaching. Yet meeting tomorrow’s challenges will require the use of another coaching approach: Non-Directive Coaching. Non-Directive Coaching is the most powerful way of improving over the long-run. It releases the individual and group creativity that drives innovation. Best of all, Non-Directive Coaching re-establishes trust between the various levels of an organization, facilitating communications, and enabling lasting performance improvementsIt ensures that real accountability remains with those doing the work!

A Rigorous, Innovative, Creative Problem-Solving process


Creative Problem Solving:TSM model
From Creative Leadership by Puccio, Murdock, and Mance (2007) – Used with permission

Today’s challenges require ever more creative solutions. Innovation is not technology Innovation is the application of creativity to everyday challenges. Continuous innovation is the least taught, yet most needed of the 21st century skills. Strangely enough, most organizations just assume their staff can solve problems creatively and effectively. Sadly, this is rarely the case.

Ask yourself: does everyone in my organization use a known, common approach to problem solving? Do you actively seek out bold, new solutions and or just rehash old, industry-stale solutions? Can you speak about your process of solving problems with as much authority as you do the actual task of solving problems?

How can you and your organization creatively and effectively address every type of challenge? How do you solve every problem and maximize every opportunity? The solution is an effective, standard, and systemic problem-solving approach that promotes the use of creativity whenever it is needed. Called the Creative Problem Solving: Thinking Skills Model, this approach is the result of over 50 years of academic research and extensive field validation. Its power comes from both its rigor and its flexibility, and it gives everyone in your organization a common problem-solving framework, language, and tools. If you have specialized analytical tools in your business, these can be incorporated easily. This way, you get the best of both worlds.

Lastly, Synergetic Management is certified to use the FourSightTM problem-solving preference assessment that paints a picture of how each individual likes to solve problems. This essential knowledge prevents individuals and groups from relying too much on their preferred modes of thinking, which would interfere with effective problem solving. This knowledge alone can be an invaluable process check and communications aid when facing future challenges.

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