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Scarcity Samurai Super Deal May 2013

DID YOU KNOW that thousands of smart marketers like you
could DOUBLE their income just by clicking a few buttons to
add  Scarcity Samurai to their website…

You see, buyers react to scarcity by TAKING ACTION – buying
whatever it is they are considering vs. just waiting to “think
about it.”

As the old saying goes: “I’ll be back’s” will not be back!

So how do you build-in urgency into your marketing?

Are you a web programing guru?

Can you afford to sit on your site to “take down” your
sales pages when you said you would?

And how would that prompt customers to buy from you
when you have “evergreen” offers – you can’t very well
take down those pages, can you?

Let me introduce you to the revolutionary SCARCITY SAMURAI –
Scarcity Samurai does just that and more: 

==> It permits you to impose time limits on key pages (squeeze
pages, sales pages, etc.) that prompt your visitors to BUY NOW.

==> It allows you to set relative or absolute timers depending on
if your deal ends after a given time has passed or at a set day
and time. (Kind of like THIS deal, but more on that later)

==> It slows you to create “evergreen” campaigns that work
with an autoresponder (full details in the excellent tutorial
resources included for FREE).

==> And best yet, it lets you display a HUGE COUNTDOWN
TIMER to remind your customers just how little time they
have left to TAKE ACTION!

==> And it does all this without you needing to know
ANYTHING about web coding!

Sounds great, huh?

However, if you’ve been thinking about snapping up your
60% OFF “Limited Warrior Special Offer” Discount on
Scarcity Samurai…

…It’s time to decide whether you’re IN or OUT

You see, this WSO sale is about to end, and your special
“60% Off Discount” expires
(which is just a few hours away)

CLICK HERE to get your 60% discount

In case you’re still sitting on the fence, here’s a special
“ACTION TAKER” Bonus (Valued at $122) to help you decide ;-)===================================

BONUS: Unlimited Pro License (Worth $197)

You see the “regular” retail version of Scarcity Samurai is
restricted so that it can only be installed on a SINGLE website…

However, if you order before MIDNIGHT TONIGHT, you’ll get
automatically “upgraded” to the FULL, UNLIMITED
“Pro License” of Scarcity Samurai… for FREE!

What does this mean?

Simply put, it means:

1. You can install Scarcity Samurai on an UNLIMITED number
of domains and WordPress installations.

2. You can install Scarcity Samurai on sites you’re building for
clients, and then legally SELL them to your clients…


3. You can FLIP any sites that you build with Scarcity Samurai on
sites such as or eBay …

However, starting from 12:01 AM TOMORROW this “Pro”
license will cost you $197.00 (that’s more than DOUBLE) to get
your hands on…

…But if you Order Before MIDNIGHT TONIGHT
you’ll get the “FULL”
UNLIMITED Pro License for
just $75…

Which is a FULL 60% OFF the Retail Price!===================================

Look – in many years of Internet Marketing, the experts 
behind  Scarcity Samurai have NEVER discovered anything
that could so quickly and RELIABLY boost your profits by 2x,
3x or even 4x TIMES… with just a few clicks of a mouse… But…

…This offer expires at MIDNIGHT tonight

If you’re unhappy with your online profits… and you know
in your heart that DOUBLING your profits could make a real,
tangible difference to your business and life –

Then you owe it to yourself to get your hands on this
PROVEN profit multiplying system and finally make
the kind of money that you deserve…


Remember … 

Your “Scarcity Samurai” 60% OFF Warrior Special Offer is
CLOSING NOW – just a few  hours left… then it’s gone…
at the exact stroke of midnight!

If you click that link in the morning all you’ll see will be a page
that says EXPIRED.

That means YOU missed out!

Here’s What Happens if you Miss Out…

==> You’ll FAIL to multiply your profits and income by 2x, 3x,
or 4x like THOUSANDS of savvy marketers are doing right now…

==> You’ll be forced to pay the FULL retail price of $197 to get the
UNLIMITED website “Pro” version of Scarcity Samurai…

==> You’ll continue to BLEED HALF YOUR PROFITS, as your
customers flee your website without buying – all because you’re
failing to create the urgency they need to take action…

==> You’ll continue to slog your guts out doing promotion after
promotion, just to pay the bills – instead of finally achieving the
automated, passive income you’re so close to…

==> You’ll face THOUSANDS of smarter, more aggressive internet
marketers who were NOT afraid to take action – how many of them
might just be in YOUR niche, soaking up all the customers on the net, 
plugging them PERMANENTLY into THEIR sales funnels…

Here’s What Happens if you DO take action…

==> You’ll lock in your 60% OFF WSO Discount on the UNLIMITED
“Pro License”of Scarcity Samurai – enabling you to multiply your
income from EVERY website you own…

==> You’ll supercharge your existing “once-off” promotions,
transforming them into timeless “Evergreen” marketing funnels 
that pump RESIDUAL INCOME into your bank account all day,
every day… completely on autopilot…

==> You’ll skyrocket your opt-ins, sales, and profits by TWO,
THREE, even up to FOUR times what they are now –
in a matter of minutes!

But … this is your LAST chance:
CLICK HERE to grab Scarcity Samurai while you still can

Don’t say I didn’t warn you…

Talk soon,

Trevor McAlpine

P.S. Your 60% OFF WSO Discount (with your FREE
UNLIMITED Website “Pro” License Bonus valued
at $197) expires in just a few hours…

GRAB IT RIGHT HERE RIGHT NOW to avoid disappointment…

with Scarcity Samurai
in the first 30 days, the Samurai guys
will give you a FULL 100% refund – no questions asked!

…So, they’re either crazy, or super confident that Scarcity Samurai
is the real deal – and it works…

Anyway, you’ve got nothing to lose – So grab your copy NOW
before it’s too late…

LAST CHANCE LINK ==> CLICK HERE to grab Scarcity Samurai “PRO” for 60% OFF



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