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Performance Improvement

Performance Improvement is all about getting better returns from existing people, resources, and equipment.

Many people in many organizations play the “if only…” game.

  • If only we had more capital for new equipment.
  • If only we had a younger, more dynamic workforce.
  • If only we had the cost advantages of our competitors.
  • If only head office would help us make improvements.

Synergetic Management is here to tell you that while you may have real roadblocks standing in your way, most performance roadblocks are within your control to resolve or effectively mitigate!

  • Most improvements do not need capital-intensive solutions to implement.
  • Most improvements can be implemented using existing resources and personnel.
  • Most improvements are already known at some level of the organization (usually the front-line).
  • Most of the time, performance improvement does not involve radically changing strategy, making huge capital investments, downsizing parts of your workforce, or any other drastic and risky move.


A Big Impact on the Results of the Overall Company

Trevor quickly sees to the heart of organizations and the issues which need to be addressed to improve results. He can clearly communicate his ideas and lead teams to create their own success, ultimately having a big impact on the results of the overall company.

Jack Sloggett , VP, EnPower Group

Where others failed, Trevor was able to (get to) superior performance and significant cost savings!

Trevor and I worked together providing performance coaching to nuclear engineers and project managers. Where others failed, Trevor was able to connect with this highly intellectual group and gain their trust. This allowed Trevor to coach this design group and the senior leader to a level of superior performance and significant cost savings!

Arun Jeyachandran , Vice President, Evolve Partners LLC

Made it Possible for our Client to Achieve World-Wide Best in Class Performance

Trevor's work building a program and supporting processes for teams to follow made it possible for our Client to achieve world wide industry best in class performance.

Don D Robinson , Project Manager, RLG International

New Insights on Improvements (in a Complex Cross-Functional Environment)

Trevor was utilized as a consultant to assist with implementation of the Work Management process in a fleet of Nuclear Power Plants. This complex task involved aligning cross functional departments to pursue the same goal. As part of the goal, measurement of the process was established, so that results could be compared to expectations on a weekly basis. Trevor provided new insights as to what should improve on a value for money basis. His strong business sense and personal style allowed him to work alongside many cross functional managers in our company.

Michael Topolnisky , Project / Work Management, Ontario Power Generation (OPG)

Uncanny Ability to Ask the Right Questions to Meet Scope

Trevor came through for me at a time when I feared I might let my client down. His learning curve was steep but he ran when I needed him to and didn't falter when distractions came at him from all directions. Trevor has an uncanny ability to read the client and ask the right questions to provide a product that meets scope. Highly recommended!

Dragan Calusic , Project Manager, RLG International

Dedicated to Client Success

Trevor is a very bright and capable individual who is dedicated to client success. He works tirelessly to accomplish his goals. He develops strong relationships with his clients through his interpersonal skills and by generating impressive results for them.

Dave Geikie , Project Manager, RLG International

This means that you and those you work with are the chief architects and implementers of any improvement effort. What it takes is an organization-wide discipline as well as effective coaching to allow people to leave the old ways behind and embrace the new, more constructive approaches.

If this kind of change on a massive scale was easy, you would have done it already!

If it could be written in a “how-to” book, you could have bought it for $39.95 already and been done! But that is not the way it works.

Contact us today for more details on how we can help you succeed!

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