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Our Clients


Synergetic Management personnel have worked with companies in the following industries:

  • Aerospace
  • Forestry
  • High-tech
  • Manufacturing
  • Nuclear power
  • Retail
  • Service

(NB: Synergetic Management’s staff backgrounds include degrees and certifications in business, engineering, and science, many at the graduate level.)


New Insights on Improvements (in a Complex Cross-Functional Environment)

Trevor was utilized as a consultant to assist with implementation of the Work Management process in a fleet of Nuclear Power Plants. This complex task involved aligning cross functional departments to pursue the same goal. As part of the goal, measurement of the process was established, so that results could be compared to expectations on a weekly basis. Trevor provided new insights as to what should improve on a value for money basis. His strong business sense and personal style allowed him to work alongside many cross functional managers in our company.

Michael Topolnisky , Project / Work Management, Ontario Power Generation (OPG)


  • Canada
  • U.S.
  • U.K.

Our Work

Examples of past results:

Client: Nuclear Power Station

Challenge: Lower costs and improve reliability of major systems in an aging nuclear power station with a rigid, procedure-driven culture.

Approach: Since the rigid, silo-ed culture interfered with communication and teamwork, we changed the culture by creating over 40 cross-functional teams called “System Health Teams.”

Financial Results: These “System Health Teams” saved over $2 million dollars PLUS unquantified yet real savings due to the improved reliability that prevented revenue-losing downtime.
(Note: we evaluated savings from only ½ of the teams due to resource constraints – we were literally so busy getting significant results, we did not have time to count all the savings!)

Other Significant Results:
1) Each team met about six times per year and provided key input into a semi-annual System Health Report (literally, an evaluation of the reliability of the system) — this was a huge improvement over the old culture where some people would never even meet each other face-to-face and group meetings from all functional areas almost never occurred unless it was in response to a major breakdown or emergency;
2) System Health Teams provided an excellent opportunity to mentor Engineers pegged for the managerial fast-track in the fine arts of leadership and teamwork;
3) Every team gave each of its members a chance to present key facts to the station’s most senior management team — this  vastly improved the information communication, leading to improved results and increased professionalism.

How: With the client, created the winning conditions that would make these teams work — make them a viable, useful, positive experience vs. a mandated experience to be endured. Coached key System Health Team leaders: program lead, team-leads (acting managers) and other key staff as they created a station-wide program of 43 cross-functional system-based teams to improve reliability. As these teams include staff from Engineering, Operations, Work Management (i.e., Scheduling), Maintenance, and any other relevant departments (this addressed system-specific needs), their needs were quire diverse.

External Awards: Near the end of its first year, the program’s success earned it a World Association of Nuclear Operators (WANO) ‘strength’ for cross-functional team effectiveness.
A ‘strength’ is WANO‘s “gold medal”, and receiving such an award within the 1st year of any program is very rare.


Other examples will be added soon!



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