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On incubation, re-direction, and FourSight

Hello Synergetic Management Community!

First, an apology: I should have told you that I would be stepping back from posting for a few months. Turns out my absence was a bit longer than anticipated, but I still should have told you.

Thanks for your e-mails over the last little while. Essentially, the overriding theme was: “What happened to you? You just dropped off the map!”

Actually, I was always present, as my clients whom I have been servicing can tell you. But I did take some time away from posting in order to re-craft Synergetic Management’s direction and message.

Over the next few weeks and months, my blog posts will reveal all in more detail, and tell you how you can benefit more fully from being in our community. Until then, I will ask you for just a little more patience! 🙂

One important element I am really excited to tell you (and I will comment more fully upon in a soon-to-be-released blog post): I recently was certified as an Advanced Trainer for FourSight TM, the premier problem-solving preference-measurement tool designed to help individuals and teams more fully understand their problem-solving preferences. As you can well imagine, these preferences can help and hinder your abilities or your team’s abilities to solve problems. Each team is different, and success will depend on understanding the cumulative distribution of your team member’s individual preferences and leveraging it fully.

FourSight addresses the complete problem-solving process – vital if one is to use creativity to drive innovation. FourSight adds a vital dimension to the understanding of team dynamics, one that moves beyond the simplistic one-size-fits-all bromides that plague many today.

In short, FourSight is a vital component that addresses the need for an explicit framework and language around the problem-solving process, as well as a tool that enables teams to better understand their particular strengths and weaknesses in this area.

Some foreshadowing: the creation and use of such a framework and language is going to be an essential direction for Synergetic Management in the near future….

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