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Jay Abraham Super Seminar 2013

If you crave being more of a disrupter, innovator and driven entrepreneur, who is impatient to dramatically change your competitive world, keep reading — you might relish what is below.

As you know, my primary business focus is helping business owners and leaders get more from what they already have. To bust through (usually self-imposed) barriers as to what is possible. To make the most of what they have NOW so they make even more on their increased results.

I help them accelerate their successes so that they make fewer mistakes and more breakthroughs. Many people talk about significant change and improvement, but few do it. Even fewer do it well. And I understand why: it is easier to THINK about making significant changes than it is to actually change. Also, it is easy to mess up the change process – how can anyone be sure they are making the right changes in the right order?

 As you know, it pays to be led by those who have been there before. So when you hear of someone doing massive, powerful changes RIGHT – someone who has been doing it right FOR YEARS – you want to know more about him, learn from him, model him.

That is why I have connected with Jay Abraham and had him as my personal coach. Without a doubt, Jay is one of the most innovative, powerful, and brilliant business visionaries / strategists / marketers out there. He has over FOURTEEN THOUSAND (14,000) success stories to prove his methods deliver in many HUNDREDS of industries. Not only is he a master of capturing what works in one industry and successfully transferring it into other industries, but he can distill the very essence of what makes these approaches so successful. These are the origins of many of his fabled yet very actionable theories, strategies and principles.

 For the last few decades, Jay was one of the most successful and prolific business “trainers” out there. About five years ago, Jay Abraham “retired” from personally conducting his many high-level, exceedingly high-priced ($5,000-$40,000 per person) seminars in North America. But Jay did not really retire – he simply focused on expanding his knowledge by working with meaningful, operating businesses – NOT promoting a lot of live trainings.

Oh, Jay still held his seminars in Asia, mainly because he loved challenge. Jay’s Asian crowds saw him keep growing and evolving his knowledge, grasp, understanding of so many new and disruptive aspects of strategic marketing/business growth. They perceived (correctly) that he has expanded his knowledge by orders of magnitude. Imagine:

•          being so profoundly effective and well respected that you could conduct more than 60 seminars throughout Asia…

•          to audiences of over 800 – that is over 40,000 in total – highly-passionate and ultra-talented entrepreneurs who did NOT even speak English (every word was translated live) AND

•          delivering three or more days of such ultra-high value that less than one half of one percent ever claimed their money back EVEN though they each had an IRON-CLAD money back guarantee that was valid up until the last minute of the last day of the seminar!

Would YOU listen to such a powerful business mentor? Would you like to have a competitive playing field that is “decisively tilted” to your advantage? Because I am going to show you how you can come join Jay Abraham LIVE — for the FIRST time in the US in over 5 years — in Los Angeles, CA from June 21 -24 to explore ways to help you neutralize-then-paralyze your competition. 

(to watch the exciting trailer, you may have to click on “Show All Content” but don’t worry – your connection will STAY 100% SECURE as a special “httpss:” session)

Note: You can multiply your learning by bringing your business partners as they can attend at a massive discount! Also, feel free to share the above link with any other business professional or entrepreneur you think may benefit from attending Jay’s Super Seminar! But please be aware that registration is scheduled to CLOSE SOON


Now, you may be wondering if Jay Abraham can be and do all that I have described for you. Can he help YOU in your business? After all, your business is “different”, right? So how can Jay Abraham help you when so many others have either failed or generated mediocre improvements at best (and most of those very not long lasting)?

Now Jay is quick to remind everyone that the road to greatness is littered with dead businesses, mediocre marketers, tactically-minded people who would not apply what they learned. They seem to keep making the wrong moves, the wrong ways, and the wrong time, for the wrong reasons. Hype is easy, results less so. I know I have been burned in the past. You are right to be wary.

So, let me tell you a little more about Jay Abraham if you feel you need it to put your mind at ease. I have studied Jay Abraham on and off for two decades. I wish I always could say on, but I have been guilty of allowing myself to be distracted at times from what was really important as an entrepreneur. But when I have the chance to hire Jay as a coach, I jumped on it. Maybe you studied some of Jay’s material in the past or have either attended or listened to a home study version of one of his classic programs like Mastermind Marketing, ExFactor, Protégé/Mentor, Swinging for the Fences, the Brain Trust, the Billion Dollar Summit, etc. If so, you know how valuable and powerful his material can be. And you can bet that his material was often quite expensive and was never, ever to be found in the “remainder bin”

Let me ask you: what would you do if you owned such powerful and valuable training material as Jay Abraham has produced over the years? What would you do if you knew your material was still as relevant as when you recorded it — when you can still command over $50,000 giving three-hour keynote talks at industry conferences in the US and Canada after having been “absent” from the public eye for five years? Well … if you are Jay Abraham and you know how much you have grown in wisdom and knowledge running operating businesses over these last five years, you know how much more you have to offer TODAY vs. five or ten years ago. And since you know how much MORE powerful and valuable your new material is, well, then you just give your old stuff away for FREE to anyone who asks for it.

FREE?! You read that correctly. F-r-e-e! Much of what Jay previously created is FREE on the Internet RIGHT NOW!

How do I know this? Because Jay personally gave me a special link on his own website and invited me to share it with ANY of my friends who could use his work to prosper in their businesses – for FREE! I also know that Jay gave out this link to many others with the same instructions! Jay has “opened up the vault” so to speak and delivered all his past work for free. Work that cost many thousands and tens of thousands of dollars to produce and create. Information that could make anyone financially and commercially successful if they just followed its principles rigorously.

That is why I KNOW Jay Abraham’s upcoming seminar will be unbelievably more incredible than his past seminars – seminars whose recordings you can hardly sit through without hitting the pause button every minute to write down yet another “priceless” nugget that is so valuable. When Jay starts to speak, you know you will be getting ideas about your business popping up almost faster than you can capture them! (But capture them you will.) 

But let us get back to Jay Abraham’s upcoming seminar. As I have said, while Jay has been away from the US spotlight, he continued doing high-level, masterful thinking with a wide spectrum of prominent entrepreneurs and experts. Now that Jay has agreed to do a one-time only, evolutionary, totally non-linear, highly thought-disruptive, three or four-day, heavy-duty, accelerated business building, intensive seminar in Los Angeles. (You know his upcoming seminar will have to be just that MUCH MORE INCREDIBLE to wow his existing base of devoted business leaders AND those who may be seeing him for the very first time.) This new program eclipses Jay’s previous “Swinging for the Fences” in concept integration over everything (new breakthroughs, new knowledge) he has grown to understand over these last five years. (Remember, the world’s knowledge base now doubles every six months.)  

One last background note: Jay has been writing – he is finishing co-authoring a mammoth, new book all about disruptive, convergent-divergent “strategic thinking AND another book with Daymond John (of Shark Tank fame) on getting start-ups financed. And he is still working with multi-billion dollar firms, involved with a major digital media online advertising super syndicate, etc. Think about it: Jay has packed in enough experience in the last 5 years to fill an ordinary lifetime of work, and this is not including his decades of revolutionary, paradigm-changing masterful work before that! 

Now you can join a small (less than 100), high-powered, elite group for a few days. What will Jay cover? How about everything he knows that works today – not yesterday, in the world of business-building, competitive-advantage, profit-boosting, preeminence, greatness, superbly advanced ways to grow a business, masterful strategic “performance impact thinking”, creating business wealth without risk OR investment, empire building, high-performance selling, and gaining the trust, respect and high-probability response of your market?  

Quite frankly, the written material alone would be worth the price. The PowerPoint deck Jay uses in Tokyo is 600 slides. The workbook is 400 pages. That process has produced utterly amazing success stories all over Asia.  

How much for Jay’s one-time US seminar this June? Not $40,000 a person, which Jay could easily command; not $30,000 or even $20,000, which would be more than fair. Not even $10,000 a person (Jay Abraham regularly charges his private clients over *$50,000* A DAY!). Since Jay has been away from the US for so long and because he is so focused on providing mind-bogglingly intense value for you, Jay Abraham will be your host for this very small, private, intimate affair for only $5,000for the three full days. There is also an optional fourth day (Monday): $4,000 more IF you want to be “hotseated” (usually Jay charges *$25,000* per person per hotseat at five-day programs in Bali); but if you prefer not to be hotseated directly, it is only $1,500 more for observing on Day Four.  

Jay has a huge PowerPoint deck he will willingly share with you BEFORE you attend — but ONLY AFTER you commit, to convey that he has exceptional, fresh expertise to share — that you want/and probably need to hear.  

Once you sign up for the June 21-24, 2013 seminar in LA — if your plans change, you cannot cancel. But Jay WILL give you recordings of the event 

Plus – Bring your direct business partner for fifty percent discount. They could be a “closely associated” business partner, or colleague, that would mutually benefit by both of your participation in the event.  

If you commit Jay WILL promise you this: You’ll learn how to fare far better than most every competitor you faceyou’ll learn how to out-perform the rest of the marketers in your field or industry. You’ll learn how to set higher expectations for your business, and then beat them 

To join Jay Abraham LIVE: CLICK HERE NOW! 
(to watch the exciting trailer, click on “Show All Content” when asked, but don’t worry – your connection will STAY 100% SECURE as a special “httpss:” session) 

BTW, feel free to share the above link with anyone else you think may benefit from attending Jay’s Super Seminar!  But do it FAST … registration CLOSES soon!

Remember: Your colleagues and friends who sign up with you can attend for a deep-discount! 


Still not fully convinced?  

Remember, this Super Seminar is the first live business-building seminar Jay Abraham has personally conducted in the US in nearly five years. This private, intimate, four-day encounter happens in Los Angeles from June 21- 24 and the sessions will go from 9 am to 6 or 7 pm each day. Attendance is being held to about 75 (less than 100 for sure), and the available places are going fast 

Why this seminar NOW? Jay knows that NOW is the time that results are so sorely needed in North America. Now is the time he wants to get together with a group of impressive entrepreneurs who really “got” him — share all the breakthrough distinctions he has learned recently, tell you what he sees going on in the world — and tune you in on YOUR growth opportunities, observations, concerns, and challenges.  

But the attendance is not really important to Jay as long as it is quality entrepreneurs — those who actively seek out the VERY BEST business advice and approaches to maximize their incomes and business success.  His goal is ALWAYS to use combinations of divergent and convergent thinking to spawn fascinating (hopefully great) new ideas, opportunities and strategic solutions for YOU!  

If the growth you want for your business totally overshadows everything you have been achieving so far, you may be interested in this PARTIAL list of just some of the topics/content/curriculum Jay will be packing into the first three days of the event (for a more comprehensive overview, you can talk his vision through with Rob Colasanti by contacting him at RobColasanti@abraham.com):  

•          60 ways to harness other business’s resources, assets, access-without capital or risk to leverage your success

•          12 pillars for creating unlimited business wealth-without investing capital/risk that will dramatically accelerate your results

•          9 ways most businesses get stuck and how to get unstuck NOW

•          Top three reasons most small businesses can’t get past their limited size and how you can avoid this “growth trap”

•          20 ways to increase frequency or economic value of a buyer so you can get even more money from them while simultaneously deepening your economic relationship

•          Turning yourself into a “multiplier” instead of a business “diminisher” to better leverage your own internal resources

•          Creating an iconic brand/company/product to stand out in today’s crowded marketplace so that you never really have to “sell”

•          43 methods for leveraging other business’s relational capital to everyone’s advantage

•          How to incorporate divergent (creative) thinking into whatever strategies, marketing and business model you currently apply

•          Over 60 real world case study stories – actual illustrative examples of successes Jay has engineered – so you can see his principles and approaches in action

•          Examples, exercises and templates to transform your business from commodity to proprietary or from marginal to pre-eminent.

•          Assessments and diagnostics on how to bring out the greatness in yourself, team, marketing and branding/positioning.  

If this material excites you – great! – but there are tons more Jay will be examining and exploring in those three days:

•          How to be a “Marketing Maven”- 24 separate characteristics you can adopt, 12 behavior changes you can quickly apply that will set you forever apart from the crowd

•          How to change or reshape key parts of your business including Brand Repositioning, Strategy Restructuring, and Business Model Remodeling for maximum results

•          How to acquire other similar or complimentary businesses without using capital or risk

•          Key thinking tools for redefining your future so that you are always “future-proofed”

•          Two dozen ways to grow new prospects/buyers and 12 ways to increase unit of sale

•          9 skills of marketing greatness and 12 ways to build in high-growth into your enterprise that will set you apart from your competition forever

•          Strategic storytelling that connects you to your market through their emotions and dreams, regardless of your products or services

•          How to scientifically create bonuses and use risk reversal to create proprietary offerings that win every time  

If this sounds “thought-provoking” and highly desirable-WAIT-there’s more. Jay will also be covering:

•          A strategy for out-thinking/ out-marketing/ out-positioning your competition

•          How to make your people and yourself more fascinating and never blend back into the crowd

•          Social media/digital marketing as never explained before that will expand your reach and influence in the marketplace

•          Nine high-impact elements of business performance few entrepreneurs maximize

•          How to secure and then optimize your own masterful thinking partner(s)

•          The key to creative collaboration – 9 powerful ways to use strategic alliances to leverage present and future growth

•          Seven new ways to out think everyone PLUS convergent/divergent integrative thinking that define the new science of creativity and innovation  

•          Mastering the six strategic processes of profitable progress so you can penetrate new markets and create new revenue sources 

•          How to really understand “return on assets” that let you use the power of Asset Velocity

•          12 online calculators for different, little-used, high-value performance indicators

•          How to evaluate and use your social intelligence, emotional intelligence, strategic intelligence

•          How to become a high-trust leader and create a business that is the only viable choice for your market

•          Top 21 no-cost referral systems-each carefully explained so you can implement them IMMEDIATELY

•          36 all-new power principles (these are in ADDITION to the 21 we will re-review) 

•          And so much more it’ll make your head spin with delight…

Plus—every afternoon Jay will stop for at least 90 minutes of Q & A.

Every two hours, you will share impressions/realizations/epiphanies with your table partners. (Think about it: you will have table partners who are themselves serious entrepreneurs, heavy-hitters who are passionate about success and who know what it takes to win. They will also be innovating important new ideas for their businesses, and who knows if you may just be in the right place at the right time to help them in some way…. Success is really a mix of what you know and WHO you know today….). And yes, your business partners can attend at a steeply-discounted price! 

On Day Three, Jay will walk you through a “Custom Action Game Plan” for engineering breakthroughs and mining untapped windfalls of revenues and profits in YOUR business. 

Day Four, by the way, will consist of high-impact, individualized “hotseats.” It’s an optional-and extra cost day-featuring hands-on, custom, business-growth instruction from Jay Abraham himself! Feel free to enroll if you wish to be “hotseated” by Jay — or contact Rob Colasanti at RobColasanti@abraham.com to learn even more — IF you still need more??!! 

But Jay Abraham has plenty more to share. Again, do not expect Jay to merely rehash old thoughts. The only time Jay will even refer to old techniques during June’s encounter is when a powerhouse, newly-introduced concept or strategy Jay is sharing needs to be tied to one of his foundational “Abraham principles” to demonstrate applicability or actionability.

90% of the content Jay will be disseminating, expanding, explaining, exploring, examining there with you–this June–is all “edgy stuff” never openly described or addressed in a seminar before.

Need more? I can tell you that asides from the hard-edged elements listed above, here are some more “softer, more nuanced-thinking elements” that Jay will be integrating, illustrating, demonstrating referencing and case study presenting at his intimate gathering in June.

For example:

•          How to get the money for your startup or stagnant business and what to do if you can not 

•          Adjusting your vision for growth and higher PROFITS

•          Reverse engineering your target performance indicators

•          How to harness the power of momentum so you can shift from sustaining momentum to explosive growth

•          Shaping the destiny of your business future by making competition irrelevant, leveraging the power of human performance, and understanding “program controls”

•          The Strategic Wealth Creator System PLUS tools that will make you a more strategic leader

•          How the Strategy of Preeminence can save you from paying the “price of mediocrity” so many of your competitors are now paying

•          How to use “the power of questions” to discover the best breakthrough answers

•          The art/science of making preemptive business propositions and offers

•          How and where to learn “Leadership Agility”

•          How to develop accurate critical thinking to complement the new creative thinking Jay will teach you

•          How and when to use the “Wealth Equation” for financial freedom

•          How to and why harness a “masterful thinking partner” paradigm

•          Tools/techniques to eliminate constraints, bottlenecks and logjams in your pathway

•          How to develop talent and mine intellectual assets

•          Forces, factors and elements that affect/afflict/impact human and business performance so you can leverage performance fully

•          Understanding and maximizing opportunity cost and why you do not recognize most opportunities presenting themselves

•          Why focused listening–combined with critical thinking–is the most important skill needed for a successful entrepreneur

•          How to gain better strategic direction

•          How to build up your power team  

But there are plenty more topics Jay and you will be integrating into this nonstop, non-theoretical, three-day dynamic, such as…  

•          How to foresee where your market is headed and know how to profit from the shifts and changes BEFORE and AS they happen

•          How to (and why you must) continuously model the mindset of Steve Jobs

•          A blueprint for ability aspects and a skill-set “checklist”

•          Updating your “Profit Paradigm” to create pathways to greater profitability

•          Key performance indicators few entrepreneurs ever look at that will enable you to instantly find and plug the holes in your business 

•          Uncover what is missing from YOUR business strategy 

•          How to make your business work harder for you than you work for it so you can free yourself up to create an empire of whatever size you wish 

More still…  

•          How “Leveraged Marketing”– explained for the first-time-ever!– will geometrically explode your results

•          Why most private businesses under perform their best opportunities and how to avoid this trap

•          The reasons why your marketing is not always delivering the impact it could and should so you can multiply your returns

•          How to determine and measure the sales performance elements you are probably missing now–plug the “revenue leaks” in your current business

•          How to identify and discern all the hidden assets in your business so you stop leaving money on the table

•          How to make “The Double-O Matrix” work for you

•          Where to find the biggest cash windfalls and new sources of business – hint: they are not what most people think they are!

•          How to engineer more success and certainty into every action you take and decision you make

•          How to create multiple profit sources and create more value for your market and clients

•          Networking/brainstorming/masterminding—STRATEGICALLY— for building maximum brainpower

•          Turning yourself into an “idea generator”

•          How to make GROWTH THINKING a key part of everything you do

•          Examples of dozens of small, safe, tests that uncover all kinds of business breakthroughs…

•          AND SO MUCH MORE!  

I can actually go on for pages on what Jay will be presenting. 

Bottom line is that Jay’s upcoming Super Seminar in LA on June 21-24, 2013 will create a MAJOR strategic marketing education for you. 

Jay will put attendees through a dynamic that is indescribable and incomparable!

The content Jay will be exploring with you is high-octane fuel for the disruptive entrepreneurial marketing and strategic mind.    

It will become a powerful determinant of results for ALL your future activities, actions, and strategic decisions.

After the seminar, you will improve your ability to develop, integrate and maximize high-impact marketing. You will have access to fresh new sales skills and revenue sources and know how to have them ALL perform to the fullest. You will master flexible thinking and capability acceleration. You will integrate a vastly improved and hyper-effective “streamlined” belief system that incorporates your new multi-paradigm “engine” that rules your entire business thought process. Imagine being able to reshape and reinvent the business foundations and execution of any business you currently run now and may run in the future! 

This is YOUR ONE CHANCE to see the best marketer alive in a small, intimate setting and where you can also connect with other, high-powered, driven entrepreneurs…


Remember, you can bring business partners at a steeply-discounted price! But act quickly as registration is slated to CLOSE FOREVER soon!  

SHARE this link with any friends you know will benefit from Jay’s mind-altering approach to business leverage. Remember, if you do not share it with them and they find out you were holding back on them, they will absolutely, positively  be mad at you! You have been warned! 🙂


One last thing: This seminar is likely not for you UNLESS you are passionately focused on growing (building), expanding your sales, profits, performance and success. So do not decide to pour your energy or commitment into signing up – unless you will ACT on the time and money you spend on Jay.  

Jay Abraham’s claims may sound fantastic, but I can assure you every one of them is true and documented. In fact, Jay always tries to be supremely realistic when he talks about his successes. It is just that Jay knows what great strides so many entrepreneurs can make when they have the right mindsets and the right paradigm for making the best possible decisions. And Jay knows this because he has helped so many of them do it (remember the 14,000 successes…?).   

Look—in actuality you, as an entrepreneur, are paid to think! The difference between the victors and victims, the winners and losers, the mediocre and magnificent comes down to YOUR ability to think, act and transact business different/better than everyone else. 

Jay believes that-no matter what type/size business YOU run-what wins in business today is NOT the ability to out-muscle or out-resource the competition. IT’S YOUR ABILITY TO OUT-THINK YOUR COMPETITORS-by using greater, far more penetrating brainpower! 

Your future will depend more on thinking anew-about approaching things in your business from a decisively distinctive point of view. 

I cannot reveal names-but Jay plans on plugging into a number of his high-level expert friends-either by phone/Skype…maybe in-person. We are talking celebrated, world-class icons—none of whom will try to sell you a thing! 

Bottom line: Jay wants to totally shift the way you start looking at problems, challenges, competition, markets and marketing. He wants you to look at your business in a more elevated way than you ever have before.  

The gathering will likely not be remotely like ANYTHING you have attended in the past. It will be deep. Highly provocative. Mind-rattling and more than a bit unsettling – but in the most positive way imaginable. Jay plans on pushing, pulling, cajoling, challenging, exciting-then admonishing and haunting you to think about every facet of your business more critically, logically, more powerfully!  

But … IF you attend Jay’s seminar … Jay asks one big favor of you: that you ACT on his recommendations so that YOU can profit immensely from his expertise. Why ask this? Because I can tell you from personal experience that Jay Abraham does NOT want shiftless dreamers and those who will not implement his ideas in his seminar. Really, he refuses to work with such “undriven” people whenever he can. Jay has not amassed his huge collection of success stories and referrals by catering to dreamers and “wannabes” maybes. Jay wants YOU to be the success he knows you can be — but you must choose to ACT on what you will learn.  

You see, in the final analysis, it does not matter if you attend or not … if you won’t use what you have learned. You see, your competitors are NOT going to sit still while you dither — they WILL change, grow, get better — maybe at your expense. Heck, they may even be at this very conference, occupying YOUR seat if you don’t act now! Imagine how you would explain that to your staff, friends, and family: “Oh, I COULD have gone, but….” Feels pretty foolish, now doesn’t it?  

But it does not have to be that way! YOU have to act decisively if you are going to survive or, better yet, thrive! The pressure is on YOU to produce better sales and deliver greater profits. Only YOU can do it! And the best investment you can make is in yourself.  

Will you use what you have learned? Your heartfelt answer must be: “I am absolutely committed to doing whatever it takes to legally, morally, honestly, and ethically drive massive growth and profitability from pre-eminence, optimization and all that Jay can teach me to “decisively tilt” the competitive playing field to my advantage and become THE dominant player in my niche / industry.” (If your answer is anything less than that, then stay home and let someone else better prepared and committed attend.) But if YOU are prepared to learn and IMPLEMENT, then Jay and I welcome you to his seminar in LA on June 21-24, 2013: 

To AVOID LOSING-OUT on this truly once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to see Jay Abraham LIVE as he helps you totally transform your business and crush your competition forever, CLICK HERE NOW!  (before timer counts down to zero to avoid disappointment)

Trevor McAlpine
Synergetic Management
c: 416-873-8671

PS: If the growth you want for your business totally overshadows everything you have been achieving so far, you may be interested in THIS real story:

Imagine you are a famous Hollywood scriptwriter/director. You want the BEST POSSIBLE movie. Your past movies have been great successes, but *you want more*. What would you do?

Well, Jay tells this story of a director and the studio who took a film’s finished footage and played it for 500 representative viewers.

That’s no big deal – focus group testing is pretty common, right? Right.

But what struck Jay Abraham as outstanding, monumental, stunning – were ALL the impressive ways the market research group DEEPLY sliced and diced that film BEFORE it even made its way to the public. Why? Obviously to refine it, improve it, enhance it. Make it more likable, laughable and engaging – so word of mouth would explode! So the movie would do a billion dollars in ticket sales at the box office – worldwide!!! This is doing it right!

Sadly, most business owners don’t question, examine, evaluate, test and explore ALL the different impact points, leverage points, performance enhancement factors and forces that can positively (or negatively) impact the success or failure, the effect or performance of everything from ads to marketing to presentation, to website to emails, to follow-up, to web pages, to brand/image, etc. Can you imagine testing out 27 different elements with deep, probing, thought-provoking questions intended to get the most out of your products, services, and whole business model? How about testing 50, 75, 100 or more? In what more ways could YOU evaluate about your business’ sales/marketing proposition, presentation perception, performance, market impression, etc.? Probably a lot!

Jay Abraham has trained himself to carefully/clinically/comprehensively identify every critical impact point/factor that positively or negatively affects business performance. Maybe it’s time you looked at your business actions, activities and outcomes more clinically. And I know where you can start; more importantly, I know WHO you can TRUST to over-deliver, over-perform, and positively wow you with practical, applicable, and essential brilliance every time.

If you attend Jay’s seminar, you will walk away knowing the highest and best usage of your efforts… the most masterful ways of critically thinking and executing an almost unimaginable array of practical approaches for generating more sales, multiplying buyers and increasing your profits.

Jay promises that the communication and instructional process he will use will be easy to grasp – I know he can deliver, because he has done it with me during our coaching sessions. Jay also uses plenty of case study examples, loads of analogies and illustrated stories PLUS uncommon hard-hitting, well-reasoned deep-focused thinking (and even some hand-holding for those who need it) to create a mind-shifting perspective that will literally allow you to meaningfully reshape how you approach all you do.

So if you are seeking creative solutions to challenging scenarios your business faces; if you need to better identify your client or prospects’ hot buttons; if you want to gain the top ways to improve any and every revenue-generating process you’re doing … then you OWE IT TO YOURSELF to join Jay at the upcoming Super Seminar in Los Angeles June 21-24 by clicking on the link below.

Remember, registration likely will close forever soon!!!


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