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How Criticism Creates Innovative Teams

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A little friction generates a spark.


Synergetic Management‘s insight:

Criticism DOES NOT create innovative teams. Or at least, it does not as a general rule.

Just think about it – the implication would be that the most criticism-rich environments would be the most creative. You likely do NOT have to look far to see that this is simply not so.

(Follow politics lately? How are they doing in their “generating creative solutions” efforts? ;-})

 Yes, yes, I know David Burkus talks about the “right kinds of criticism”, so not just any criticism will do. But I can tell you that such “right criticism” that happens to be constructive is the RARE EXCEPTION to the common, garden-variety idea-killing criticism that abounds in the wild.

I can think of reasons why the brainstorming group underperformed. Assuming any group handed a simple sheet of “rules” related to 1 out of 6 steps (or 7 in you include the meta-work involved in creativity) of effective Creative Problem Solving would be able to perform is foolish.

If I gave a list of the 4 P’s of basic marketing to a group and asked them to go design a marketing strategy, no one would say my test had any validity as to the value of the 4P’s. And I would have to agree.

And if I gave this to two groups of entrepreneurs, I bet you those without a structure would do better (because they would not feel constrained by an externally-imposed approach but would do it the way “they knew how” to do it.

(Not all groups are created equal — that too can skew results).

But take a group of entrepreneurs and train them in effective marketing-strategy creation, then turn them lose. Watch them outperform all the others.

Want more fun? Give a trained group a good facilitator, then watch them massively outperform even trained but unled teams….

It is the same with creativity – proper training, coaching, and facilitations are the keys to success.

Give me a group and let me spend a little time to train them and facilitate their efforts, and I can guarantee you a better result vs. any equivalent group that applies “criticism creativity.” 🙂

Go on, take me up on that bet. I dare you. I double-dare you…. 😉

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