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Business Coaching

So many leaders say that their people are their greatest resource, because they are the real source of performance. Yet far too often, performance improvement is attempted by looking at equipment-related issues, or by modifying the strategy or marketing. People can accomplish great things if you help them. If people are the core of your organization, it makes sense to invest in them.

Synergetic Management personnel are versed in both directive and non-directive coaching. This gives us the flexibility to apply whatever approach is best suited to the moment in order to get results!

Directive coaching is explained best using the sports coaching analogy. The coach in this case is an expert, or is able to draw on expert opinions to push the players to act in ways necessary to win. This is most commonly found in training scenarios and in many instances where behaviour modification is needed.

Non-directive coaching is understood best by considering a discussion between two or more people, where the coach uses a form of the Socratic method. The coach does not instruct or direct anyone. The coach dialogues with them and asks the key questions that enables them to make important discoveries about current challenges, determine the key issues, discover how to solve them, and commit to the necessary actions in order to achieve their goals. This is most commonly found when internal vs. external motivation is needed – an especially challenging dilemma for managers tired of always “pushing” to achieve performance.

Without being able to provide both forms of coaching, any improvement effort will likely achieve mixed results or short-lived results at best! If you have ever had an improvement effort end in failure or fall short of its intended targets, you have experienced this first-hand.

Synergetic Management can help you bridge this chasm. With effective and timely coaching of people and teams, we can help you succeed in any change efforts you may wish to undertake. Call us today!


I Look to Trevor as a Mentor

I have the highest regards for Trevor, both professionally and personally. Trevor and I worked together in the nuclear power industry and I looked to Trevor as a mentor. I was most impressed with the way he approached problem solving and his perseverance in achieving results. I tried to emulate the way he engaged the client and influenced the desired behavior changes.

Trevor's "people skills" are remarkable. He is a great listener and quickly understands the critical nuances surrounding complex issues in the workplace. He possesses the unique ability of knowing immediately which coaching tool is most appropriate in any given moment.

Doug Green, PMP , General Manager, Koontz-Wagner

Brought Great Value in a Short Amount of Time

In the nuanced fields of coaching and the science of creativity, being able to get a handle on the many dimensions involved and convey them to others in ways that are both actionable, enduring, and inspiring is a high-order challenge.

Trevor McAlpine does just this, through work which is insightful, dynamic, and cutting-edge. He crystallizes complex information into purposeful nuggets of knowledge and wisdom, presenting them in such a way that they are both inspiring and suddenly obvious, as though you had known it all along. His wit and warmth convey an obviously deep-seated sense of genuine caring and authenticity.

He brought great value in a short amount of time, and his work has increased my capacity to bring value to my own clients in important ways.

I am very glad that I chose Trevor.

Amy Frazier , Owner, Stages of Presence

Where others failed, Trevor was able to (get to) superior performance and significant cost savings!

Trevor and I worked together providing performance coaching to nuclear engineers and project managers. Where others failed, Trevor was able to connect with this highly intellectual group and gain their trust. This allowed Trevor to coach this design group and the senior leader to a level of superior performance and significant cost savings!

Arun Jeyachandran , Vice President, Evolve Partners LLC

Uncanny Ability to Ask the Right Questions to Meet Scope

Trevor came through for me at a time when I feared I might let my client down. His learning curve was steep but he ran when I needed him to and didn't falter when distractions came at him from all directions. Trevor has an uncanny ability to read the client and ask the right questions to provide a product that meets scope. Highly recommended!

Dragan Calusic , Project Manager, RLG International

Excellent Training

Trevor has excellent professional speaking and training skills. I have had the opportunity to get to know Trevor in seminars and workshops and would recommend his abilities to communicate and present.

Bruce Langford , President, Success Business Training

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