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Articles and Posts related to directive and non-directive coaching of individuals and teams. Examples include: individuals (executives, managers, and key performers), teams, and entire groups (front-line workers).

Teresa Amabile and Daniel Goleman: How managers can support creativity at work

See on – Synergetic Management: Business Innovation & Improvement What can a manager do to optimize team creativity? And what do they do commonly that squelches it? Daniel Goleman spoke with Harvard’s Teresa Amabile for his…   Synergetic Management‘s insight: Underestimate the importance of WINS at your peril This has TWO big implications: 1) […]

How Criticism Creates Innovative Teams

See on – Synergetic Management: Business Innovation & Improvement A little friction generates a spark.   Synergetic Management‘s insight: Criticism DOES NOT create innovative teams. Or at least, it does not as a general rule. Just think about it – the implication would be that the most criticism-rich environments would be the most creative. You […]

Research: Why Companies Keep Getting Blind-Sided by Risk

See on – Synergetic Management: Business Innovation & Improvement Supply chain risk ain’t sexy. And that’s why it never gets the funding it deserves.   Synergetic Management‘s insight: Conclusion: Risk management must be everyone’s responsibility, and senior managers must make “bake into their culture” the need for risk analysis and risk management. Wow! A great […]

10 Ideas To Move Innovation Forward

See on – Synergetic Management: Business Innovation & Improvement cc licensed ( BY ) flickr photo shared by -= Bruce Berrien =- Through a lot of conversations on social networks, face-to-face opportunities, and reflection, I have been thinking about some of the t…   Synergetic Management‘s insight: This article is about fostering innovation and […]

Why you need a great definition of creativity

The biggest problem I see among business owners, senior executives, managers, and all those who need new and useful solutions to challenging problems is that they usually fail to come up with new and useful solutions. One major reason for this failing is that they define creativity ahead of time in ways that are self-limiting […]

How is Montessori related to creativity?

In his article The Montessori Mafia, Peter Sims raises some interesting questions about the creative elements behind the success of selected Montessori graduates, and asks about what they imply about creativity in general. First, the issue is not about Montessori schools per se (or Waldorf, or any other alternative educational system). It is about what creativity […]