Articles | Synergetic Management - Part 3

How is Montessori related to creativity?

In his article The Montessori Mafia, Peter Sims raises some interesting questions about the creative elements behind the success of selected Montessori graduates, and asks about what they imply about creativity in general. First, the issue is not about Montessori schools per se (or Waldorf, or any other alternative educational system). It is about what creativity […]

American Competitiveness – an Open Innovation Perspective

Observations about a blog post by Henry Chesbrough in Forbes about “Open Innovation” Open Innovation is an interesting idea, linked to the role innovation can play in solving America’s current economic woes. Yet, by advancing Open Innovation as some sort of panacea, its proponents risk overpromising and underdelivering. (Caveat 1: I have not yet read the author’s book, so I am going […]