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About Trevor McAlpine

Trevor McAlpine PhotoPresident of Synergetic Management, Trevor McAlpine helps individuals and teams dramatically improve their performance. He is an expert business coach who uses systemic processes to drive change. Trevor is also an innovation expert who turns the human-side of the profitability equation into a sustainable competitive advantage.


I Look to Trevor as a Mentor

I have the highest regards for Trevor, both professionally and personally. Trevor and I worked together in the nuclear power industry and I looked to Trevor as a mentor. I was most impressed with the way he approached problem solving and his perseverance in achieving results. I tried to emulate the way he engaged the client and influenced the desired behavior changes.

Trevor's "people skills" are remarkable. He is a great listener and quickly understands the critical nuances surrounding complex issues in the workplace. He possesses the unique ability of knowing immediately which coaching tool is most appropriate in any given moment.

Doug Green, PMP , General Manager, Koontz-Wagner

Trevor has over 25 years’ experience in various industries, with more than 15 years direct experience in performance improvement, business coaching, and innovation. He has worked in multiple industries and organizations – aerospace, automotive components, high technology, forestry, manufacturing, and nuclear power – and has worked with everyone from front-line, shop floor personnel through to Directors, General Managers, C-suite execs and Board Members.

Trevor is a Professional Engineer who holds an Engineering degree, an MBA, and an MSc (Creative Sciences).

He lives with his wife and wonderful, energetic young children in Ontario, Canada.

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