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Synergetic Management

Synergetic Management helps you get the most out of your existing organization. This secures your present survival and positions you well for future growth and dominance.


A Big Impact on the Results of the Overall Company

Trevor quickly sees to the heart of organizations and the issues which need to be addressed to improve results. He can clearly communicate his ideas and lead teams to create their own success, ultimately having a big impact on the results of the overall company.

Jack Sloggett , VP, EnPower Group

Synergetic Management does this by helping you create a performance improvement mindset within and across the entire organization. Your staff become key contributors to these improvements, through increased understanding of both the mechanics and the underlying need for performance improvement.

By creating and using an effective Management System that lets your staff members use key metrics to monitor their own performance, your staff can take appropriate action to improve. Once designed and implemented, this process allows your staff to take over their own self-management, allowing you to remove yourself from daily management and to manage by exception only.

All of this must be assisted by effective coaching for your staff and managers to get the most out of your investment. (It is shocking to see organizations invest so heavily in improvement efforts, yet invest so little in helping their people leverage these improvement efforts.) Synergetic uses a mix of directive (hard) and non-directive (soft) coaching approaches. We tailor our approach to each specific situation within your organization to give you the best results immediately.

Synergetic Management’s underlying philosophy leans heavily on the new Creative Problem Solving approach that has over 50 years of development and field experience behind it. It enables everyone to understand immediately how best to tackle challenges and problems impeding performance. It also provides a framework for managers and leaders to effectively coach their staff to become proficient in finding solutions on their own.

All of the above sounds fine and dandy written on a page, but it is only by experiencing the improved results from the above that will fully convince you of its value. Call us today for more information!


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