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10 Ideas To Move Innovation Forward

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Synergetic Management‘s insight:

This article is about fostering innovation and an innovation culture in education, but we can extrapolate many of its good points to help us foster an innovation and improvement culture in business.

Admittedly, it is a bit disjointed and reads a bit like a shotgun-blast recipe for creating and changing a culture into one that is more innovation friendly. However, I believe the author has got some interesting points to make that may be of use to you. Remember, we are all at different points in this journey, and you never know when you might pick up something that can provide you with a bit of an aha or stepping stone moving forward.

This is not a fully descriptive article in any way shape or form, but it may have some nuggets of wisdom for you. I share it with you wish you the best on your journey towards creating an innovative culture and one that fosters performance improvement.


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