A Messy Desk Makes You More Creative, Study Says

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Synergetic Management‘s insight:


The best solution: Have a clean desk you can make usefully messy when you need it!


Essentially, the article reminds us that messy desks can provide necessary distractions that help our brains to come up with richer ideas when ideating – this in turn can lead eventually higher quality solutions.

Splashes of different colors, shapes, etc. as well as sounds and touch (you will hear more sounds and feel more things in the uneven surfaces of messy desks) mean that you HAVE to be affected by more divergent stimuli, which your brain uses to come up with more divergent ideas.

Clean desks are mainly solid colors and long, straight lines. Boring!

BUT, clean desks make it easier to move between steps in the problems solving process – this is because you are freer mentally to move through the steps in the entire creative process (ideation is just 1 out of 7 steps). This means it is more likely you will do something useful with your ideas.

Remember, creativity is doing something new and useful!

(See my post on why you need a good definition of creativity for more information )

The best solution: a clean desk that you can make usefully messy when you need it! Use toys, and other props to help make it functionally messy.


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